Imgflip Y U No memes

I made two more memes on Imgflip today. This time, they both have the “Y U No” meme template in them. Here they are:

In this meme, Grumpy Cat is grumpy because this meme should be using the “Y U No” meme template, but it is using the Grumpy Cat template instead. Grumpy Cat decides to bring the correct meme template and ask the creator (me) why I didn’t use the correct format.


Or if you say this meme another way, “Y UNO play U No?” I don’t think this one needs any further explaining…

I hope you like these memes!

Midnight Empire Age of Exploration: Finally on my Stories page!

I have finished proofreading my story Midnight Empire: Age of Exploration. It has been an extremely long time since I started writing it, so thanks for your patience. I have now uploaded it to my Stories page, underneath The Midnight Revolution. It is about halfway down the page. Click on the first link in this post for more information about this story. If you are interested, go to my Stories page and check it out! It is the sequel to The Midnight Revolution so make sure you read that first, if you haven’t already!

Someone made some Minecraft music that isn’t cringy

Today, I found a video on Youtube with fan made Minecraft music. It is supposed to be a boss fight theme for the Wither Boss. But the amazing thing about this video is that it actually isn’t cringy. Most fan made Minecraft music and songs are very cringy, for example Mine Diamonds.

Anyway, here is the video:

I think this music sounds really cool. What do you think about it? Comment with your opinion!

Midnight Empire Age of Exploration: Finished writing!

I finally finished writing my story Midnight Empire: Age of Exploration! I couldn’t write the story for three weeks because I was studying for the exams at school, but now the exams are over and I finally found enough time to finish writing the story. I am not going to upload the story to my blog yet because I want to read it to my parents first. After that, I will proofread it to look for spelling mistakes, and then I will put the story on my blog’s Stories page and notify you with another post. Midnight Empire: Age of Exploration is 57 pages (21 chapters) long, more than twice as long as the first story in the series, The Midnight Revolution, which is only 26 pages (10 chapters). This is because there is a more complicated plot in the second story and I took more time to describe things.

I know you have been waiting for a long time, but the story has probably still got quite a few spelling mistakes in them and I need to proofread it and fix them before I upload it. While you are waiting, why don’t you read some of the other stories on my Stories page, if you haven’t read them already?

Midnight Empire Age of Exploration: Progress Update 2

It is now the end of the school holidays, but unfortunately I still haven’t finished writing my story Midnight Empire: Age of Exploration. It is going to be longer than the previous story and more detailed, so it will take longer. Now that it is the term, I have less time to work on it since I am doing homework and preparing for my exams, but I will work on it whenever I have time and hopefully it should be done by the end of the term. If not, I will just have to do some work on it during the next holiday in eight weeks’ time.

At the moment, the story is 15 chapters (41 pages) long and it is probably at least two thirds complete.